Thousands Celebrate 20th Beetle Anniversary

Thousands of Volkswagen aficionados gathered in Wolfsburg, Germany this week to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the much-loved Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most iconic vehicles in automotive history.

The celebration marked the 14th Great Beetle, New Beetle & Beetle Community gathering, originally established in 2004 by Beetle enthusiast Gabriele Kraft. To truly honour this milestone, the theme of this year's gathering was "2018 Beetle Sunshine Tour to Wolfsburg" with a procession of more than 200 Beetles through the Volkswagen Plant, something that has never been done before.

Making up part of the procession were rare editions such as the 1950 Hebmüller convertible and a rare 2000 model year Beetle Cabriolet Dune.

Thousands Celebrate Beetle 20th Anniversary

Participants accessed the Volkswagen plant premises via "The Ritz-Carlton" hotel gate before proceeding down Südstrasse and onto Mittelstrasse, a road that has earned its place in history as a means of travel for Volkswagen employees and large trucks delivering parts to product lines.

New Beetle models were also on show, marking the evolution of this iconic VW car series which is shortly on its way to becoming a genuine classic.