2018 Premiere of the GOLF GTI TCR

If you are planning on checking out the 2018 GTI "Coming Home" meet, taking place in Wolfsburg for the 2nd year in a row, you'll be able to experience the new GOLF GTI TCR up close and personal.

Taking place at the Volkswagen Arena on the 1st September 2018, fans will have the opportunity to drive their own GTIs through the same Volkswagen plant where the first Golf GTI initially rolled off the production line in 1976.

Known as one of the fastest GTIs in the VW history, the Volkswagen Concept GOLF GTI TCR boasts a top speed of 264 km/h and is a must-see for any die-hard VW Golf GTI enthusiasts.

Volkswagen's first purely electric racing car, the 500 kW (680 PS) I.D R Pikes Peak will also be showcased at the event, having set two time records just this year.

Other events throughout the day include the Autostadt Tuning Award for customised Volkswagens. Professional photographers will be on hand to take shots of private vehicles, with participants given a link where they can download a copy of their photos. For more information on the Volkswagen Golf and the 2018 GTI "Coming Home" Event, please visit https://www.volkswagen.co.uk.