A blue metallic Volkswagen Touran sits in an open area with tall poles

Happy 20th Birthday to the Volkswagen Touran!

When the Volkswagen Touran hit the market in 2003 it was claimed to be “more than a family car” and as it celebrates its 20th birthday in 2023 it has a solid place in the automotive market as a multivariable family, leisure, and business car with all-round characteristics. With more than 2.6 million units sold worldwide it’s now one of the most successful MPVs of all time.

Volkswagen has now updated the popular compact van and improved its technology to make sure that it is state of the art. As the first VW van to be based on the Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform it enables the Touran to undergo extensive technical upgrading and model updating.

The standard equipment now includes PreCrash at the rear which uses the sensor technology of the Side Assist to detect the position and speed of cars behind the Touran. If PreCrash detects an imminent rear end collision the proactive occupant protection system is activated.

A multifunction camera is now featured on every Volkswagen Touran to identify objects or people as quickly as possible whilst the optional IQ.DRIVE including IQ.LIGHT package includes Travel Assist in conjunction with lane assist.

The comfort has also been upgraded for your driving pleasure to include the latest generation steering wheel with contact detection, the freely programmable basic instrument cluster, and air conditioning control console with touch controls.

Volkswagen has also continued to develop its best selling 1.5 TSI petrol engine which is now being used in the latest generation of Touran. The TSI evo2 with 150PS enables CO2 savings and is also designed for fuels with renewable content. The latest version also features Active Cylinder Management ACTSplus, an emission control module close to the engine and the modern TSI-Evo combustion process.

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