High Praise for VW Kirkcaldy Salesman

Our very own Dan Saunderson, salesman at Volkswagen Kirkcaldy, has received praise for helping a man who feared he was suffering from a heart attack.

Having saw Derek Christie learning against a tree struggling for breath, Dan borrowed a Volkswagen car from our VW Kirkcaldy dealer, drove Derek home and stayed with him to ensure he was okay.

Derek, from who suffers from chronic heart failure and recently recovered from cancer, was so grateful he returned to our dealership later and presented Dan with a bottle of champagne as a thank you.

He told The Courier: “I was so thankful he was there. I could have keeled over and a had a heart attack.

Dan had went to the nearby supermarket for a bite to eat when he saw Derek in trouble. He said: “I saw a gentleman who was struggling and a couple of people walked past. I went over to ask him if he was alright then told him I would go and get a car, so I drove him home. I don’t think I’ve gone above and beyond, it was just my normal civic duty.

Well done Dan for your quick thinking in a stressful situation!

(Photo Credit: www.Courier.co.uk)