VW & Siemens Aim for Safer Roads

Volkswagen and Siemens are working towards improved road safety, especially at crossroads. Their plan of action includes offering new functionalities for local exchange of information between vehicles and digital transport infrastructure.

As a joint project, Volkswagen and Siemens have set up a test section of main road in the city of Wolfsburg, in which ten traffic signal systems will transmit the traffic light phases via WLANp, Future Car2X vehicles will then process this information and inform the driver when all traffic lights are on green. This will help avoid braking or accelerating unnecessarily, making it safer for drivers.

Klaus Mohrs, Mayor of the City of Wolfsburg, welcomes the initiative by Volkswagen and Siemens: “The city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen have set themselves the objective of becoming a digital model city with #WolfsburgDigital. When traffic lights and cars communicate, the benefits of digitisation become tangible for many people.”

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Volksagen and Siemens Partnership