Emissions Update

As you will no doubt be aware there is currently extensive coverage in the media relating to certain Volkswagen Group diesel engines. The issue relates exclusively to emitted pollutants from a limited number of engines (type EA189), and specifically their non-compliance with US emissions regulations. Volkswagen has taken full responsibility for the issue and will bear the full cost for any necessary measures.

Whilst the media have focused attention on the US regulations, it is important to clarify that all new vehicles from the Volkswagen Group with EU6 diesel engines currently available in the UK and any of the other European Union countries fully comply with all legal requirements and environmental standards.

Volkswagen has confirmed that all affected vehicles are completely safe and roadworthy and the engine management software in question does not affect the handling, consumption or emissions of the vehicles in any way.

Volkswagen Group UK have now launched a website that will enable customers to check whether their vehicle is affected by the recent emissions issue.

To check whether your vehicle is affected please click the link below. You will need your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which is located on the right hand side of your windscreen and on your V5 document.


The exact details of the required fix are yet to be confirmed, however Volkswagen Group UK announced, on the 7th October, that they intend to start the recall programme during January 2016.

So what are the next steps?

Volkswagen Group UK will be in touch with the owners of every affected vehicle. Our dealerships will receive this confirmation within the same timeframe. Once we receive this information, our dealership service teams will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements.

Until then there are undoubtedly a few questions that will arise from owners affected by this situation. We hope that the information below will be of some use, however if you require further information or simply wish to speak to somebody please contact us via email on emission.management@john-clark.co.uk and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Alternatively should you wish to contact Volkswagen Group UK directly please call them on either 0800 0833 914 for car queries, or 0800 783 4904 for any commercial vehicle related enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will contact me regarding my vehicle?

Volkswagen Group UK will contact you and your local dealership will also be in touch regarding booking your vehicle in to the workshop for the required technical repair work.

When will I be contacted next?

At this stage we are unable to confirm when your local dealership will be in contact with you regarding booking your affected vehicle into the workshop. However, we will continue to update the John Clark Motor Group website and social media with any developments.

Will I incur costs as a result of the work required?

No – Volkswagen Group will incur the costs directly related to the repair.

Will the value of my vehicle be affected?

Vehicle residual values are set by two key opinion formers who use information from a number of sources to determine their published views. Based on some early reports from these companies there are currently only slightly differing views within the market place. During September one of these opinion formers commented on a slight reduction in VW vehicle values, whereas the other saw no movement. This situation will remain a relatively fluid situation dependent on a number of factors.

Will my road tax costs increase?

No. Patrick McLoughlin, the UK Government Minister for Transport recently pledged that owners of affected vehicles will see no increase in road tax costs.

What do I do if I have ordered a vehicle that is affected?

Any of our dealerships supplying a customer with an affected vehicle will be open and transparent. They will highlight this and present you with a letter acknowledging the need for the technical fix to be carried out on the vehicle, once the required action has been confirmed.

Once you taken delivery of the vehicle you will be included in all future communication.

Social Media Posts

Volkswagen Group UK have launched a website that will enable customers to check whether their vehicle is affected by the recent emissions issue. If you think you own a vehicle that may be affected please go to www.john-clark.co.uk/emissions to find out more information.

John Clark Motor Group will begin the recall process on all affected vehicles in January 2016 and we will be in touch with customers to book their vehicles into our workshops when we receive more detailed information from Volkswagen Group UK on the technical solution.