Volkswagen Turn Heads at the Geneva Motor Show 2019​

Volkswagen had everyone revved up this year at the Geneva Car Show and it’s all to do with their electric buggy. The VW ID Buggy is only a concept car but we have high hopes for something like this to be brought out for us to ride around in.

This Volkswagen concept car isn’t something totally new for the German manufacturers. Elements of classic VW cars can be seen in the chassis resembling that of the Beetle. The inspiration for this eye-catching car is the outdoor experience brought to life. Far stretched from the urban streets this car is designed to be enjoyed on rough terrain. Whilst being 100% fully electric it offers a comfortable yet sustainable way to get around during your adventures. 

VW ID Buggy
VW ID Buggy

The car shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 is a strict two-seater, but Volkswagen do claim that it can be conceived as a 2+2 with occasional seats for a bigger party. The bodywork on this model is minimalistic as well as waterproof. VW have used plastics along with aluminium and steel to create this futuristic bodywork. As there are no doors, roof or engine we imagine this model would feel very light on the road. Excellent for those of us who enjoy the lighter side of driving.

The power behind the VW ID Buggy is set for an impressive 150kW electric motor driving the rear wheels; that’s equivalent of around 200bhp. Although this is just the initial model, Volkswagen have suggested that a second motor at the front axle for 4-wheel drive could be conceived.

The VW ID Buggy has refreshed the way we view electric and motoring.Looking forward we can expect more fun and electronic cars from the Volkswagen Group.