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Calculating Company Car Tax

Aberdeen Audi & Dundee Audi

We're happy to help with all of your business needs but what do you need to know when choosing a company car?

Solid and sound advice is what we aim to offer local businesses with a single point of contact to assist your every step of the way depending on your location.

Whatever the reason, big or small our Local Business Development Managers are here to help. For more details simply click on the 'Make An Enquiry' tab at the top of this page.

So how do you calculate company car tax?

Selecting and choosing your next or even your first company car has never been as easy so here at Aberdeen Audi & Dundee Audi our Local Business Development Managers have put together a few 'top-tips' to consider:

  • Make a list of what is important in a company car, what are your priorities?
  • What model and style are you looking at?
  • What type of equipment level are you looking for?
  • How much interior space does your company car need for both your business and your personal life?

Then, once you have chosen your car you need to establish what your monthly outlay will be. Your company car tax is calculated using a variety of different factors. Since April 2002, company car tax has been calculated on a car's CO2 emissions, the P11D price and your personal marginal tax rate, currently 20% or 40%. Audi UK have put together a simple Business & Fleet Calculator to assist you.

And finally, there is Tax Liability. If you receive ‘Free’ fuel for private mileage its important to know where you stand in terms of Tax. Find out more by using the simple and informative videos below.

Find out how to calculate your P11D value for your company car​. Watch our video for some simple hints and tips.

How to calculate your BIK Tax for your company car. Watch our informative video.