Donna Macdonald being recognised for her loyalty by John Clark.

It's quite an achievement in this day and age for a member of staff to remain with you for such a long period of time.

Here at Aberdeen Audi yesterday, 6th June saw Donna Macdonald recognised by John Clark for just such an achievement - 30 years of outstanding service.

So where did it all start? Well Donna worked with her mum at Kleen Machine during the school holiday's and when she needed a reference for college Donna approached John Clark. John immediately offered Donna a job as an Office Junior.

Donna started working for John Clark back in June 1987 at Tower Garage. From here Donna moved to Village Garage where John Clark sold Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Lotus and ŠKODA. Donna worked in Sales Admin but also did her fair share of telephone answering as back in those day's you pretty much did everything!

From here Donna went to work for our Volkswagen dealership and in 2002 after only 5 months maternity leave, Donna returned to work where she looked after ŠKODA Aberdeen's Sales Administration before moving to Aberdeen Audi where Donna is an integral part of our team. The rest as you say is 'history'.

Congratulations Donna on such an amazing achievement.

Donna is seen here with John Clark. Alan Robertson, Head of Business at Aberdeen Audi and some of her colleagues.