The new Audi A8 2018 – the most high-tech car ever?

The Audi A8, the flagship saloon for the German car manufacturer, has been re-engineered for 2018. Drawing on the latest evolution of Audi’s MLB platform, the comprehensive updates include innovations and technologies to rival any car in its class.

Offering the same 48v electrical system used in the SQ7, the A8 comes with a long list of options to look out for when searching for an Audi A8 for sale. Audi claims the A8 is the first series production car to have been developed towards ‘highly automated driving’ and will include the Audi ‘AI Button.’ This prompts the driver to let go of the wheel, putting the car into driverless mode.

The Traffic Jam Pilot System innovation is one of 41 separate functions to assist the driver from the high-tech touchscreen. This technology takes control of driving in slow moving traffic, up to a speed of 37mph. This autonomous system uses sensors to tell when the traffic ahead moves off and starts the engine early, allowing for a smooth transition from standstill into the flow of traffic. The 360-degree camera on the Parking Pilot, meanwhile, shows an accurate 3D model of the vehicle, while the AI Remote Parking Pilot lets you watch your car park itself while you stand outside.

This top of the range Audi also uses advanced road-scanning active suspension – Audi’s most advanced suspension system yet. Part of the car’s 48v electrical build, it uses a front-mounted camera to analyse the road 18 times per second and reacts appropriately. This system promises an even smoother ride, reducing movement and body roll during acceleration, cornering and braking. Similarly, the vehicle uses rear-axle steering to improve stability. Put simply, it steers the rear in the same direction as the front at speed and the opposite way during tricky or tight situations. This also improves the overall feel of the steering end enhances safety.

The new Audi A8 will be the first in the brand's line-up to be available only as a hybrid. A V6-petrol engine will be utilised with the combustion engine being supplemented by electricity. Audi is looking to electrify its entire line-up in the coming years.

For more details on the forthcoming Audi A8, contact the team at Aberdeen and Dundee Audi today.