Air conditioning is becoming one of the most common standard factory options on an Audi.  

Historically air conditioning was seen as a luxury summer essential that would guzzle fuel, but we’re here to tackle those urban myths and give you a bit more insight into your cars air conditioning system with these 5 handy facts:

Air Conditioning is equally good in winter

We are pretty climatized to the colder months up here in Scotland, but that doesn’t mean we have switch off our air conditioning.  Switch your air conditioning on to help demist in winter.  The dry air will speed things up a little.​

It’s not as fuel heavy as you think

Modern cars are built with efficiency in mind and every system is built to provide your Audi with highest efficiency possible.  Test show that these days, using your air conditioning makes little difference to your fuel economy than opening a window.

Escaping gas

Every year, over 10% of your air conditioning gas naturally depletes. So, keep it in good working order by having it topped up and checked every year or so for any major leaks at the same time.

Keep it clean

When we service and re-gas your air conditioning system, we are also getting rid of the harmful bacteria that lurks in the system, which can give off an odour if left.

Use it!

It’s important to use your air conditioning every few weeks to keep the system and seals from hardening and leading to additional repairs.

There you have it! Hopefully you will think differently about your air conditioning and keep it topped up and ready for those hot summer days.