Audi e-tron - a return to Audi innovation


Audi e-tron

Charging ahead.

An ever changing world needs transportation that changes with it. There is a need for efficient, sustainable vehicles that make no sacrifice to performance or practicality.

This is the vision of Audi e-tron; Audi cars powered by electricity, enhanced with electrifying design, exhilarating driving and advanced technology.

Whether part electric plug-in hybrid, or fully electric, an e-tron is 100% Audi.

The Audi e-tron quattro concept offers us just a glimpse of its capabilities: with a range of up to 310 miles and rapid, 150kW charging longer, all-electric journeys are in reach. And, with up to 370kW and 500PS laying down 800Nm of torque, acceleration from 0-62mph happens in just 4.6 seconds - electric power, sports car performance.

For more details on the e-tron future contact our Sales Team in Aberdeen and Dundee.

Credit Images: Audi UK