Audi e-tron, Charging ahead - 100% Audi

The future of Audi’s new cars was revealed on the 17th of September 2018. What came from a concept is now reality previewed at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in San Francisco. The Audi e-tron production model design has been refined, system developed and it’s technology polished before the final step of going on sale as a production Audi car. The e-tron was tested for an estimation of 85,000 hours in radical conditions around the world tested in the heat of Africa and in the arctic in Lapland. Launch control was important to test in the cold with their having virtually no delay between pressing the accelerator and moving off – just like much of our RS models.

The e-tron lithium-ion battery makes sure it meets the demands of any temperature it may encounter. Reliability of the battery is assured. Charging your battery is also made simple as it can charge at fast-charging stations and ready for a long distance trip in 30 minutes (80% charge)! It also charges in sub-zero conditions.

Audi’s electric car will be built with quattro technology. This will ensure the best possible handling regardless of the situation.

The first fully-electric Audi will be available to order at AberdeenDundeeAudi late 2018. However, priority ordering can be placed with a deposit.