Audi Showcases the Audi Q6 e-tron Prototype’s Interior​

Interior of the Q6 e-tron from between the two front seats showing the front of the cabin
Interior of the Audi Q6 e-tron prototype

Audi have showcased the interior of the Audi Q6 e-tron prototype for the first time, taking innovation and user-focused design to a whole new level.

“This cutting-edge electric vehicle isn’t just a car; it’s a space that has been reimagined to put you and your preferences front and centre. Imagine stepping into a truly ‘connected interior’ that’s packed with exciting features, including a mesmerising free-standing curved display.”

The heart of the model is what Audi is calling the “digital stage”, the newly joined Audi MMI panoramic display and the MMI front passenger display which is reminiscent of the signature Audi singleframe grille. This new setup blends seamlessly into the overall design of the cabin and gives you a sense of openness and freedom. It’s made up of the 11.9 inch Audi Virtual Cockpit and the 14.5 inch MMI touch display which lies in one, curved screen with OLED technology for excellent quality for driving information and more.

There’s also an additional 10.9 inch MMI front passenger display which is integrated into the dashboard of the cabin and designed to exclusively serve your front passenger by allowing them to entertain themselves without distracting you from driving.

The augmented reality head-up display takes a significant stride into the future as it “projects a substantial, angled image onto the windscreen, revealing crucial information such as speed, traffic signs and navigation icons. The tilt introduces an enhanced AR experience, creating the illusion that these projected elements interact with the surroundings, extending up to 200 metres away.”

Aside from the stunning technological offerings, the Audi Q6 e-tron is about creating a relaxing and comfortable space and Audi are introducing the “Softwrap” concept in the model. Softwrap uses a new recycled fabric, Elastic Melange, across the doors to the centre console and throughout the cabin and can be chosen for your seat fabric too. The floor mats further support the sustainability of the model as they are made from Econyl, a material that is crafted from old fishing nets, carpets, and industrial waste.

Interior ambient lighting is provided by the Interaction Light, an arc of light that envelops the interior space. It’s an LED powered light strip which can shine at a brightness up to 1200 candela and serves a three-fold purpose: staging the interior, enhancing safety through dynamic turn signal visualisation, and displaying other information such as charging status.

In collaboration with CARIAD, the Audi Q6 e-tron will bring in a new era of enhanced connectivity with an information platform that is based on Android Automotive. This will guarantee up to date in-car systems with regular software updates alongside a self-learning voice assistant that is represented by an avatar in the dashboard and head-up display. Just say “Hey Audi” to activate it!

Head of Audi Design, Marc Lichte, said: ‘With the Q6 e-tron, we are giving our vision concrete form in the present. By understanding the interior as the centre of our customers’ lives and experiences, we are rejecting the status quo and systematically designing the vehicle from the inside out.’

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