EV&me app by Audi 

Find out more about making the switch to Electric Driving with Audi​

Have you been thinking of what driving an electric car could mean for you? Well you're not alone, that's why Audi have put together the EV&me app.

Whether you're considering taking the leap into a fully electric Audi or a plug-in hybrid model, the EV&me app can help you chose which one is right for you and your lifestyle.

There are handy tools for you to compare performance, charging time and other information between the different models. Plus you can set a default model to track journeys and easily switch between the Audi model range to compare running costs.

There is even a section to view the offers currently available across the Audi EV Range. 

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Audi EV&me App

Track and analyse your journeys.

You can set up the app to track and analyse your own driving style. This gives you a breakdown of any journeys you've tracked to analyse stats including: distance, time, estimated battery usage and any charging stops that may be required to help you better understand how your journey may compare if you were driving a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

Compare Costs

The app allows you to compare; weekly, monthly or yearly costs of against a petrol or diesel Audi. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and you will be given an overview of how much you could be saving. There is even an option to view more accurate figures by inputting fuel & electricity costs.

What are the benefits of Electric Driving?

The EV&me app has some interesting videos & guides on a range of different topics including charging & maximising range to government grants and incentives. Helping you to make the decision of switching to electric that bit easier for you.

To download the app go to the 'App Store' or find it on 'Google Play'.

However, please know that our Audi trained EV Specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have and we have a range of EV & hybrid models available for you to test drive.

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