With all the road changes in and around Aberdeen what better car to get you there than the Audi A1.

The AWPR has certainly picked up momentum and with some many changes its often hard to keep up with what is going on - keep up today with the latest projects and traffic management updates via TRANSPORT SCOTLAND

They say all good things come in small packages, but that doesn’t mean that anything needs to be compromised. We’ve grabbed the keys to the Audi A1 to see how it handles around the city streets.

The Audi A1 on the City Streets

The entry level A1’s 1.0 litre (94bhp) engine is ample enough for the streets of Aberdeen & Dundee. We found that pulling off from the lights was nippy enough and very fuel friendly (if like us you get stuck in a lot of rush hour traffic!) If you’re navigating down at Discovery Point in Dundee, or those AWPR diversions in Aberdeen, then it also hugs the road well on the bends.

If you’re going to be traveling up and down the A9 often enough, then you could opt for the range topping 2.0 litre S1, which will give you 228 bhp (and even four wheel drive… important in these here parts).


Audi A1 Accolades

With a What Car? Car of the Year under its belt, the Audi A1 comes in both 3 door and 5 door (Sportback) variants, giving you flexibility should you need easier access to the rear seats.

Head Turning Looks

The Audi A1 is the smallest car in the line up and it goes without saying that when it comes to style, size really doesn’t matter.

The design and style on the exterior of the A1 is second to none. With various editions and packs available, you can really personalise your A1 to suit your style. Take the A1 Black Edition for example, with its contrast roof line… what a head turner!


Some of us like to turn up the tunes and get a bit of carpool karaoke going on the commute (naming no names!) The Audi A1, with Infotainment makes sharing you phone playlists a breeze. Maybe just keep the full on singing for the open road.

If you fancy taking the Audi A1 for a test drive around the city streets, then contact our Sales Team on 01224 039750 or call into our showroom at Balmoral Business Park