The Audi Q Range is set to grow with the addition of two new models in 2018 and 2019​

Audi have announced its Q range portfolio is set to expand with two new models entering the field of play in 2018 and 2019.  The new Audi Q8 is said to go into production in Bratislava [Slovakia] in 2018 with the first Audi Q4 set to follow suit and drive off the assembly line in Gyor in 2019,

Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl Audi’s Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics has said: “We will integrate two completely new Q models into the existing production network and will thus increase our competitiveness in an extremely important segment,” 

The Audi Q8 will be very much a premium and emotive SUV which will open Audi up to a new-segment for its top of the range SUV's. The Audi Q8 will be a stylish SUV combining coupe style with an abundance of internal cabin space and the very latest Audi Technologies in assistance and infotainment.  Audi Q7 is currently produced at the Slovakian plant and has been since 2005. Meanwhile, the second generation of the large SUV is in production there, as an S version and as the Q7 e-tron plThe ug-in hybrid.

2019, will see production of the all-new Audi Q4 starting production at Audi Hungaria in Győr. With this model, the Audi is once more entering the segment of the compact utility vehicles (CUVs). Featuring a typical coupe-style silhouette, the Audi Q4 will be positioned between the Audi Q3 and Q5.

Audi Q8 Concept
Audi Q4 Concept