Introducing the Audi Q8

The Audi Q8, the newest addition to the Audi SUV family, has hit showrooms and understandably is already in high demand!

Blending the versatility of a large SUV with the allure and athleticism of a luxury coupe, the new Q8 has plenty to offer in terms of style, space and functionality. It's hard to pick just a few of our favourite features, but here are a few highlights of this exciting new Audi car.

Luxury at Large

Although elegant in appearance, the new Audi Q8 boasts an undeniably spacious cabin, for ultimate comfort and tranquility. The interior defines the term luxury, with premium quality upholstery and an impressively-designed dashboard.

new audi q8
New Audi Q8

Impressive Technology

Next-generation technology comes as standard in this new Audi SUV. From dual-touchscreen and voice controls to future-ready autonomous driver and parking features, the new Q8 is the trailblazer for the future of SUV driving. Whatsmore, quattro all-wheel-drive makes for confident handling, on and off-road, giving you complete confidence.​

Powerful First Impression

​Believe in love at first sight? At first glance, its difficult not to drink in the bold, confident appearance of the new Audi Q8. With a wide stance, high ground clearance and a sleek, sloped roof-line, the allure of it's design is difficult to ignore. Why not try it out for size?

For more information on the new Audi Q8, or to book your test drive, contact Aberdeen and Dundee Audi today.