What is quattro? ​

The 'quattro' name has been used by Audi since the 1980's and applies to the all-wheel-drive system designed to generate optimal grip levels by distributing the engine power to the front or rear wheel, which ever has more traction. Developed through Audi Motorsport engineering it brings safety, sportiness and performance to everyday driving!

It is easier than you think to feel the value of quattro - it works in every weather condition and adjusts accordingly depending on the surface your driving on. It make your car feel secure regardless. In conditions where two-wheel drive vehicles loose traction quattro won't. So whether it's a summers day driving on tarmac or a snowy day in winter we have you covered! Cutting edge technology offers dynamism and safety whilst delivering a unique and exclusive driving experience.

Experience it for yourself, now quattro is available across our entire Audi Range, view our new car offers.

One you have driven with quattro you won't want to drive any other way! Contact Aberdeen or Dundee for more information.