Low Emission Zones Scotland

The Scottish Government are introducing Low Emission Zones (LEZ) into cities across the country with Glasgow already having one in place for buses. These LEZ's are being put in place to target poor air quality in big cities including: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We have put together some FAQ's about low emission zones and what you can do to avoid the charges when these zones are enforced.

What is a Low Emission Zone?

A low emission zone (LEZ) is a type of 'Vehicle Access Regulation Scheme' that restricts access to an area to the most polluting vehicles.

Does this mean I can't drive through a LEZ with my car?

No. LEZ's don't stop any vehicle driving in that zone. However, you may incur a daily charge if you enter one of these zones, depending on your vehicle emission levels. To find out if your vehicle is liable for the charges you can visit the low emission zone Scotland website here.

Why are Low Emission Zones being introduced?

Although air pollution in Scotland is improving year on year (you can read more about that here) air quality still remains a concern in a number of large towns and cities. Some areas do not comply with European and domestic air quality legislation, predominantly due to road transport. This has a negative impact on our health.

How do LEZ's work?

These zones operate 24/7 with 'Automatic Number Plate Recognition' cameras in place, these cameras are linked to local and national vehicle licencing databases, and monitor all vehicles driving within the LEZ. They can then detect which vehicles do not comply with the emission standards and will send out a penalty charge notice to the owner of the vehicle.

Is anyone exempt from the LEZ requirements?

Yes, there are some vehicles which are nationally exempt from the LEZ restrictions, including vehicles for disabled persons, emergency services vehicles and military vehicles. To find a list of these and any other exemptions please contact your local authority.

Is there a LEZ in my area?

Traffic Scotland has put together a handy interactive map to help you plan your journey. You can view that here.

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