Audi Cars Undertake Swimming Pool Test

Audi are famed for their ambitious and imaginative ad commercials, so their latest creative venture will come as no surprise.

In their latest ad shoot to showcase their small car range, they took their Audi A1 and A7 models for an ultimate test drive in a 60m long swimming pool.

Performing a number of synchronised swimming moves, the A1 mirrors the actions of the Audi A7, including a doggy paddle (involving a lot of wheel spins) and a dolphin (where they even leap into the air.) The main message behind this clever ad campaign was to demonstrate how smaller Audi models, such as the A1, contain all the tech and capability of a larger Audi vehicle, just in a more fun-size package.

"Our inspiration was synchronised swimming" explains Audi Marketing and Digital Director Benjamin Braun. "So we’re featuring an A1 and an A7 doing an elaborate dance around a swimming pool and spraying water everywhere as they do so."