Book Your Brake Fluid Change

A cars brakes are the most important system, so its important to keep them in great condition!

As with everything at Audi, the brakes in your car are engineered and designed so that every time you take to the roads whenever they have to, they deliver a smooth and safe STOP!

Modern brake fluid absorbs moisture over time which reduces the temperature at which it boils. If this happens it can result in reduced braking, potential brake fail and increased stopping distances.

We recommend that brake fluid is replaced every 2 years* [24 months]. This will ensure your Audi continues to stop in a smooth effective manner.

Contact our Service Teams in Aberdeen and Dundee to arrange a Brake Fluid Change.

For more details about our Free Winter Health Check contact our Service Teams in Aberdeen & Dundee.

Aberdeen Audi: 01224 039751

Dundee Audi: 01382 933671

John Clark Audi

*First change is normally at 3 years with changes at two year intervals thereafter for vehicles built after 30th June 2006.