Accident Repairs at Our Audi Body Shops

At John Clark Audi, we not only want to supply you with your dream car, we also work hard to deliver the best aftersales and accident repair services the automotive industry has to offer.

The Specialist Accident Assist staff at our Audi Body Shops in Scotland understand that it can be incredibly inconvenient and distressing to arrange repairs for your vehicle after being involved in a traumatic accident. Therefore, the friendly and compassionate staff at the John Clark Audi Body Shop are dedicated to making the overall Audi accident assist service as stress-free as possible. By choosing this complementary Audi accident repair service you can rest assure that your car will receive the best care and specialist attention at our Approved Audi Body Shop.

As an Approved Audi Repair Centre, you are guaranteed that your car is in the safe and capable hands of our expertly trained technicians. Only repairs performed by an Audi Approved Repair Centre retain the full Audi warranty, as solely manufacturer's genuine parts and paint are used in the repair in order to maintain the quality and value of your vehicle.

So, whether it is a slight scratch, wheel refurbishment or if major bodywork repair is needed, the John Clark Audi Body Shop has the skills, equipment and parts necessary to get your vehicle looking and functioning like brand new after the accident. For more information on our complimentary Accident Assist service or Audi wheel refurbishment, click of the options below our contact our professional teams in Aberdeen and Dundee today.