Audi Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

Protect your Tyres and Alloys

Alloy wheels enhance the overall appearance of your Audi car and therefore we aim to keep them looking as good as new. Unfortunately, this proves to be difficult owing to modern infrastructures and neat parking spaces.

As much as we try not to damage or scratch our alloy wheels, we cannot deny the fact that even the best drivers are not exempt from scuffing the kerb. When the alloy wheels on your Audi are scuffed, not only does it lose its shine, it loses its value. However, having Audi alloy wheel insurance will protect you against unsolicited damage or grazes to your alloy wheels and keep your Audi car looking as though it just left the dealership.

This insurance also covers the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged tyre in event of a sudden or unforeseen incident.

Benefits of tyre and alloy wheel insurance

  • Unlimited number of puncture repairs
  • Covers the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged tyres
  • Helps to keep your alloy wheels looking as good as new
  • Helps protect the appearance and value of your vehicle by covering the cost of repairs to your alloy wheels
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At John Clark Audi we are proud to offer our customers Tyre and Alloy wheel insurance. By opting for tyre and alloy wheels cover, you will protect yourself from the unforeseen financial loss of damaging your Audi tyres and alloy wheels.

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