Volkswagen Transporter Standard Efficient Technology

Start/Stop System

Did you know that the Volkswagen Transporter comes with start stop technology as standard now? Quite simply the VW Transporter automatically shuts down the vans engine using the Transporters engine computer (also called the ECU situated under the bonnet at the base of the windscreen) and then restarts the engine when the clutch is pressed down as you prepare to continue your journey. This technology actually reduces fuel consumption and emissions by reducing the time the engine spends idling. Cool right?

Regenerative Braking

Again clever technology converts energy from the van braking and stores it. This stored energy recharges the vehicle battery during overrun and braking phases, relieving strain on the engine, and reducing fuel consumption.

Roll resistant Tyres - Optional

By lowering the Volkswagen Transporter suspension roll resistance tyres can reduce the energy loss as the tyre rolls. This is turn can further reduce the C02 emissions and once again showcasing the efficiency technology of the Volkswagen Transporter.

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