New Volkswagen Multivan

Volkswagen Multivan

The Volkswagen Multivan - Now available to order.

The new Volkswagen Multivan is now available to order from Clark Commercials Aberdeen & Edinburgh. This exciting new vehicle will be the successor to the popular Caravelle. Made with families in mind, the Multivan is almost infinitely flexible, with a range of interior options to make it fit your lifestyle perfectly. It is modern and edgy in design but instantly recognisable as a Volkswagen, and represents a natural evolution of the VW van. The Multivan will set itself apart from the Transporter van for the first time by using a different platform, which is a modified version of a car platform rather than a van chassis. It will also be the first Volkswagen van available as a plug-in hybrid, making it quite the groundbreaker for VW.

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Built with a Focus on Practicality and Comfort

The Multivan is all about family practicality and comfort. It is a seven-seater people carrier and has enough space to sit everyone in supreme comfort. The rear five seats can be configured in a range of positions to suit the occasion or removed entirely to provide a cavernous, van-like load space if you need it. The second-row bench can even face backwards to provide a cosy family space around the movable table. The Multivan boasts a panoramic glass roof with heat-resistant glass to give the interior an airy feel, without getting too hot on those sunny days. The Multivan is a fresh design from the ground up and is no longer a Transporter van with windows as its Caravelle predecessor was, making for a more forgiving, comfortable experience. 

Multivan Performance - Electric at its Best

The Multivan will be the first Volkswagen van to be offered with a plug-in hybrid engine, delivering 148bhp from a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine coupled to an electric motor which gives it an extra 114bhp kick. It will return around 30 miles of pure electric range without the engine kicking in. It will also be offered with 1.5 or 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engines from the VW Group's well-renowned selection, and a 2.0 turbocharged diesel engine for those who need a little more fuel economy. Each of these options should provide enough power to keep the Multivan, its occupants and all their leisure luggage moving along nicely.

Multivan Design - Eye-Catching, Modern, and Functional

Volkswagen's new design language is present in the Multivan, with narrow headlights and a wide grille to match other models in the range. It has hints of its Caravelle predecessor but but is keen to set itself apart, making it look more like a people carrier and less like a modified van. The interior is minimalist, focusing on digital multifunction screens rather than rows of buttons. The Multivan also benefits from extra space at the front, thanks to its lack of transmission tunnel or manual handbrake. This allows the innovative table, with its cup holders and integrated storage box, to slide anywhere from the front to the rear of the van for everyone to use. It is the little design elements such as these that really make the Multivan feel special.

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