Used VW Transporter

With over 70 years of honing its craft, the Volkswagen Transporter has become an iconic figure of the road and one of the most popular commercial vehicles today. Globally VW has sold over 12 million Transporters worldwide, a real testament to the success of this van.

These vans feature powerful, capable engines and a generous amount of space. A real workhorse. Truly an asset as a business vehicle.

This van is not only suitable for those looking for a business car. To suit a wide array of requirements Volkswagen have created a broad offering that can transport goods or people. From the iconic panel van for those looking for a generous load volume to the impressive VW Shuttle which can fit nine people! Or even the Kombi which as the name suggests offers a great blend of both seating up to six people and boasts around 60% of the capacity of the VW Panel van.

No matter what your requirements are, you are sure to find a variant of the Transporter to suit your needs.

You will find that second-hand Transporters are on the pricey side against a few alternatives. This is due to this van holding its value particularly well. Whilst this might not be good news when buying one, it should offer a little peace of mind that your new van won’t rapidly depreciate as you drive it off.

Volkswagen Transporter History

First released in 1950 the Transporter boasts a colourful and eventful history. The earliest models were known as the Volkswagen Camper.

Throughout the year’s these vans have been sequentially named starting with T1, through to the T6 generation which came on sale in 2016. Each iteration brought enhancements to its practicality, function, and style.

Best Used Volkswagen Transporters 

With a broad selection to choose from it can be hard to find the perfect Transporter for your needs. 

Here are the top models we would consider based on your needs. 

Volkswagen Transporter Startline

The Transporter Startline makes for a great business vehicle. Featuring a very generous capacity in the back it’s unlikely you’ll need a second trip. 

Volkswagen Transporter Minibus

The Transporter Minibus is a van for the people, literally. Impressively seating nine people comfortably, this variant of the transporter is ideal for taking the whole family away for a long weekend.

Volkswagen Transporter Kombi

As noted above the Kombi lets you have your cake and eat it. With a practical combination of storage space and seating, this van can be a great option for those looking to carry larger loads and a few extra people at the same time.

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle

What to Look Out for in a Volkswagen Transporter

Thankfully, the Transporter has earned a reputation for being a durable, reliable motor. This has led to fewer faults than you would expect in general when buying a used van. That said, there are a few things you should do when checking out your next car.

First, ensure that the car has had a full service history and as few owners as possible. If your Transporter has frequently changed hands it could be possible that new owners are selling it as soon as they become aware of problems.

Next, visually inspect the van looking for issues of poor workmanship or potential costs down the line. Whilst doing this you can also check the suspension by pushing down on the bumper and watch how many times the car bounces, if it does it more than 2-3 times this could indicate an issue.

You will definitely want to take your van on a test drive to see how it feels. This is also a great opportunity to test the brakes. Whilst slowing down take your foot off the brake and see if the car pulls to either side, if so, it is possible you have a brakes issue.

I'm sure you'll see by now that the Transporter is an excellent choice no matter your requirements. Clark Commercials boasts an incredible offering to check out today.