First released in 1950, the Transporter boasts a colourful and eventful history. The earliest models for sale were known as the Volkswagen Camper and throughout the years these vans have been sequentially named starting with T1, through to the T6 generation which has been ons ale since 2016.

Volkswagen Transporter vans have become one of the most popular commercial vehicles across it's 70 year history. Volkswagen estimates that it has sold over 12 million Transporter vans globally, which speaks to the success of the model and why it is instantly recognisable to so many customers.

For business users it's an adaptable and sturdy van with a great selection of wheelbases and engine size choices to allow you to configure the van that suits your needs best. With our vast selection of used VW Transporter vans you're sure to find an option and be able to take advantage of everything that a used van offers.

A used Volkswagen Transporter isn't just a great option for business vehicles, thanks to it's versatility it can also offer up to nine seats as a Transporter Shuttle, or a mixture of cargo and passengers with the Transporter Kombi.

If you're looking for a specific feature on your used VW Transporter, such as adaptive cruise control, a reversing camera, or more advanced climate control and air conditioning, or it must meet certain requirements, such as within a certain price range/mileage, with a specific gearbox type, or with a particular fuel type, our Clark Commercials team are always on hand to help you narrow down your search.

A used Volkswagen Transporter holds it's value particularly well when compared to similar cars and vans, so you can protect yourself once you've bought it by knowing that it won't depreciate as quickly as other models and that the used VW Transporter is a reliable vehicle.

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What to Look Out for in a Volkswagen Transporter

Thankfully, the Transporter has earned a reputation for being a durable, reliable motor. This has led to fewer faults than you would expect in general when buying a used van. That said, there are a few things you should do when checking out your next car.

Ensure that the car has had a full service history and as few owners as possible. If your Volkswagen Transporter has frequently changed hands it could be possible that new owners are selling it as soon as they become aware of problems.

Visually inspect the van to look for issues of poor workmanship or potential costs down the line. Whilst doing this you can also check the suspension by pushing down on the bumper and watch how many times the car bounces, if it does it more than 2-3 times this could indicate an issue.

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