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The Volkswagen ID Buzz gives us the strongest signal yet of VW's future direction of travel. The ID Buzz will be a welcome addition to the ever-expanding, all-electric VW ID range, and channels the spirit of Volkswagen's iconic Camper from the 1960s.

The ID Buzz was initially teased as a concept but is now confirmed to go into production in 2022, potentially as a people carrier, a motorhome and a commercial van, crossing a range of market sectors. It is being built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, in keeping with the move away from traditional petrol and diesel engines. Early signs suggest that the ID Buzz will be more than capable of meeting the needs of commercial buyers and travellers alike.

Drive in Comfort with the ID Buzz

​The interior of the Volkswagen ID Buzz is set to be a calm and comfortable place to sit, thanks to the silent electric motor, and the resulting need for Volkswagen to damp out unwelcome noise from the wind, tyres and road. Refinement will be high on the agenda, and as a result this will not be the stereotypical clattery van! The camper van version of the ID Buzz will be a pleasant place to be with the option of a glass roof and big sliding doors which will give the interior an airy and bright feel. Flexible seating options with up to 8 seats on board will enable occupants to enjoy comfortable and spacious journeys, and hopefully sleep in comfort with all the amenities offered for those using it as a camper van. The batteries will be installed within the chassis, minimising any cabin intrusion.

ID Buzz Performance

As with any electric vehicle, the Volkswagen ID Buzz will be quick off the line, with its electric motor providing instant power when you want it, without any turbo lag that you see from a petrol or diesel engine. Its platform will allow for flexible battery options from 48kWh to an impressive 111kWh, giving an excellent range of up to 342 miles for those needing to drive long distances between charges, avoiding range anxiety or the need to stop for a charge in the middle of the day. It will ensure that the commercial version can also carry a decent payload without sapping all the available energy. Volkswagen expects to launch rear-wheel-drive and dual motor four-wheel-drive versions of the ID Buzz.

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Inside you'll find premium comfort, a cleverly designed interior and a wealth of state-of-the-art driving technology. The innovative AR-head-up display projections straight in front of you, allowing you to drive with ease.

You'll love the ID Buzz' intelligent LED 'eyes' which 'indicate' the direction you're travelling in. The streamlined cockpit is controlled completely via a touchpad on the steering wheel, which is simple and relaxing to use.

The ID Buzz even greets you and your family with a personalised greeting as you open the door.

Although not currently available to the market, you can register your interest in the Volkswagen ID Buzz at Specialist Cars Volkswagen. We will keep you updated on the ID Buzz and let you know when it is available to order.

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