VW Van Seat Adjustment Guide

How to prevent back pain while driving a VW Van

A recent Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles survey revealed that more that two-thirds (705) of van drivers have taking time off work due to back pain from driving, encouraging their partnership with British Chiropractic Association. Drivers who suffer from back pain caused by driving for a considerable amount of time take an average of three weeks off work and the resulting downtime costs companies an estimated £500 a day per van. Poor seat adjustment could be to blame for triggering back issues, especially as many drivers spend up to seven hours a day in their vans.

During a day’s testing Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and a British Chiropractic Association (BCA) chiropractor discovered that while half of van drivers say they adjust their seat to the correct position, two-thirds are still sitting incorrectly or missing crucial steps. Although most drivers adjusted their seats before driving, many committed common mistakes of positioning the seat too close to the steering wheel and angling the seat too far back. So, here is a simple guide explaining how to adjust driver seat height and position in order prevent any unnecessary back pain from driving a van.

VW Van Seat Adjustment Guide

How to adjust your driver’s seat

How to adjust your driver’s seat

1. Height

Adjust the seat height so your thighs are parallel with the floor and, if possible, your hips are higher than your knees.

2. Pedals

You should be able to push the pedals to the floor with a bend in your knees.

3. 110° angle

Bring your seat all the way up, then take it back until you're comfortable and have a 110° angle between your back and thighs.

4. Lumbar support

Adjust the lumbar support so you feel it support the hollow of your back, but without causing your spine to arch more than normal.

5. Head restraint

Adjust the height and angle so you feel the centre of the support touch the middle of your head. The head restraint does not always have to touch your head when driving.

6. Steering wheel

Once you're sat correctly, bring your arm up in front of you and position the centre of the steering wheel in line with the fold of your wrist.

7. Rear mirror

Lift up your chest by five degrees before adjusting your mirrors - this helps you keep an upright position on long drives.

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