Volkswagen transporter servicing

Volkswagens Transporter models date back to its T1 model first out over 70 years ago. It was used mostly for transporting individuals rather than goods.

However, these days a VW Transporter is often employed for a wide range of commercial purposes. From a tradesman's van holding all of their tools, to someone delivering packages for Amazon, a business vehicle, or even a van converted into a camper.

As you can see there is a wide range of use cases from Transports these days, but no matter what you use yours for you'll want to make sure it remains roadworthy.

This is where our talented team of Technicians come in. Our experts use only genuine VW parts that have come with a reassuring two-year warranty that covers unlimited mileage from the date of purchase.

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Volkswagen Transporter Service Intervals

Relying on your Transporter to get you around day-to-day for work or for leisure means the last thing you need is to be caught out broken down at the side of the road.

Its recommended that you give your Transporter a full service at least once per year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. A full service is a very thorough check of everything you'll need to be checked to know your van is safe to drive.

Aside from your annual full service, there is also an option of having an Interim Service every six months or 6,000 miles. This service is more of a check-up and not quite as exhaustive as a full service but good for those looking for some peace of mind.

Why Should I Book a Service for my Transporter?

There are many reasons you'll want to get that Transporter booked in for a service. This includes improved safety, saving your money, longevity, and a higher resale value.

Improved Safety

Not having your car serviced on at least an annual basis goes a long way to keeping you safe on the road. Vans take more of a beating on the road than cars do with heavy loads putting stress on the vehicle along with potholes, adverse weather, and all of the other challenges our cars face on the roads.

Getting your van in for a service is a great way to ensure that out of sight problems are taken care of.

Save Money on Future Costs

Finding a problem when it is a small issue is far easier to solve than if you don't address it with interim or full services. Regular services can help you avoid full part replacements.

Increased Resale Value of your Van

Buyers love to see a full-service history. If you can provide this you will be far more likely to receive an excellent sale price for your car. All thanks to how well you have taken care of it.


Maybe you never plan to sell your van. Well if that is you and you intend to have this van for many years to come. That is all fine and well but if you do not take good care of it it will be scrapped well before its time. Just like people your Transporter needs a little care to ensure it remains in good working condition. Especially if you are lugging heavy loads on a regular basis.

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What is Included in a Volkswagen Transporter Service?

What our Technicians will be doing during the service will depend on the type of service you choose. There are two types to choose from with full and interim options as outlined above.

Interim Service

The Interim Service is the smaller of the two options and is for those looking for a check-up.

If you come in for an Interim Service we will be sure to check:

  • Wipers, washers, and fluid levels
  • Horn
  • Lights
  • Condition of the front and rear lamps
  • Instruments
  • Battery 'magic eye'
  • Coolant level and anti-freeze strength
  • Condition of visible drive belts
  • Brake fluid level
  • Power-assisted steering wheel
  • Saturation indicator on the air filter (if fitted)
  • Tyre condition, wear patterns and tread depths
  • Type pressures and correct them if necessary
  • Brake system for leaks and damage
  • The thickness of the front and rear brake pads/linings
  • Steering and suspensions for wear and leaks
  • Drive shafts
  • Condition of the exhaust system
  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Reset the service interval delay

Full Service

Then there is the big one that checks absolutely everything you could need. Here is a full list of what we will do to your transporter.

  • Lights
  • Horn
  • Instruments
  • Washers and wipers and top-up fluid
  • Tyre condition and tread depths
  • Tyre pressures and correct them if needed
  • Airbags for visible damage
  • Sunroof
  • Tipper system and change the oil if necessary
  • Paint and bodywork for damage and corrosion
  • Expiry date on breakdown set
  • Engine and engine compartment for leaks
  • Condition of visible drive belts
  • Gearbox, final drive and rear axle for leaks and damage
  • Manual gearbox oil level
  • Final drive oil level
  • Brake system for leaks and damage
  • Thickness of the front and rear brake pads/linings
  • ABS sensor and cables
  • Underbody sealant and panels for damage
  • Supplementary rubber rings
  • Condition of the exhaust system
  • Steering joints and boot for wear and damage
  • Coolant levels and anti-freeze strength
  • Condition of the camshaft drive toothed belt
  • Power-assisted steering oil level
  • Brake fluid level and condition
  • ATF level (automatic)
  • Battery
  • Idle speed
  • Adjustment of headlights
  • Drive shaft

And we'll also:

  • Run a vehicle systems test and read fault memories
  • Grease the front door check-strap and hinges
  • Grease the trailer coupling
  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Renew the air filter
  • Renew the pollen filter
  • Renew the fuel filter
  • Perform engine basic settings
  • Perform a road test

What is the Difference Between an MOT and a Service?

A service is more of an annual health check of your vehicle while a MOT also measures car emissions by checking against criteria set by the government. Any car over three years old can't get car insurance without one.

We all know an MOT test is something we need to book annually. If you don't do it your car insurance becomes invalid and you won't know your vehicle is roadworthy.

So, if you are considering booking a service why not get an MOT sorted at the same time.

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Ready to get your Transporter serviced? Why not reach out to our local van centre in Aberdeen? Our team are specialists in Volkswagen commercial vehicles and keeping them in great working order. A well-serviced vehicle even helps support a higher resale value in the future. If done on a regular basis a service will be relatively painless.

Service pricing does have variable costs depending on a few factors but the best path forward is to just get in touch and let us take care of your needs. Whether that be getting on to one of our service plans for your Volkswagen van, an MOT, or even just having our team do a smaller interim service.

No matter if your van only needs oil filters to be changed and top up of fluids or fully fitted parts, we are there to support you.

Contact us today to request a service or even take a look at a service plan.

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