Going to Europe on holiday? No matter where you are, you can always count on your van. You can use your Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence in all EU countries and Switzerland. Make sure that you have familiarised yourself with the local driving rules before you go, France for example have recently introduced several significant changes.

Be prepared.

Before you go away you need to make sure you take the correct documentation with you. You may be asked to show your documents at any time and can be fined or your vehicle can even be seized if you forget these documents. Here is a list of some items you may wish to bring with you: 

  • Motor insurance certificate/Green Card (contact your motor insurer before taking a vehicle out of the UK to find out if you need a Green Card or to upgrade to fully comprehensive insurance)
  • Vehicle registration document, plus letter of authority if vehicle is hired or borrowed
  • Driving licence
  • Spare set of van keys
  • Passport
  • Statement of insurance or booking reference (don't travel without insurance)
  • International driving permit (where necessary)
  • Set of spare light bulbs and a warning triangle
  • High visibility jackets (at least two - check European Motoring Requirements)
  • Check your Volkswagen Roadside Assistance details are correct
  • Vehicle's maximum authorised mass (MAM) when driving a motorhome (C1 license when MAM is between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes and C licence over 7.5 tonnes)

A holiday doesn't just mean abroad. Why not visit Scotland's answer to Route 66 - North Coast 500.

This scenic route showcases everything Scotland has to offer such as ancient castles, beaches and historic ruins. Plan your trip and visit the best of what the North Highlands have to offer from Inverness-shire to Caithness.

Handy tips to ensure safe travel on the NC500:

  • Country roads can have sharp bends - ensure you break before the summit or bend to give yourself time to react
  • There are a lot of single track roads - be cautious
  • Do not park on roads - it can be very dangerous. You will find designated parking areas around the route
  • Use appropriate speed and do not break the speed limit (allow more stopping time on wet or single track roads)
  • Stick to speed limits - vans have a lower speed limit than cars (vans under 2 tonnes of weight may have the same speed limit as cars)

Volkswagen California, always ready for action - Drive, Eat and Sleep all under one roof.

From the moment you fasten your seatbelt and hit the road, your holiday begins. As you'd expect the Volkswagen California holds everything you will need - stainless steel sink, two burner stove, cool/warm box, fresh water and water tanks, gas, electronic hook up, 4 bed accommodation, storage and a pop-up roof - a hallmark of Volkswagen campers. This compact van's attention to detail is what sets the van apart, it's a stand out vehicle that is perfect for adventurous family's seeking a new experience!

  • DRIVE - Travel in comfort by seating up to 4 people (5 people with the California Ocean)
  • EAT - use the fully fitted kitchen and transform the interior to a dining area (plus folding chairs for picnics outside)
  • SLEEP - Space for 4 adults to rest with two comfy sleeping areas by quickly transforming your interior to beds

It's not a van, it's a mobile home!

Find out more about the California.