You might be interested to hear that the first model introduced by the British MINI brand after the German involvement was in fact the MINI Hatch in late 2000. Its retro-design styling has evolved somewhat since then, with the brand totally expanding the Hatchback range.

The 3-Door Hatch is the closest model to the original retro-style MINI’s that we see in the likes of ‘The Italian Job’. The newer 3-Door Hatch models keep that well-loved go-kart handling and low centre of gravity, whilst introducing game-changing technology and a more modern design. Let’s learn a bit more about the 3-Door Hatch. 

Why should I buy one?

It can be argued that the MINI is a statement for fashion, design, and depending on the version, for sporty character. A fun city car, the 3 Door-Hatch offers a great driving experience and is perfect for nipping around on those narrow streets. The Hatch rivals include similarly upmarket models like the Audi A1 and Volkswagen Polo, and whilst they offer complimentary driving experiences, nothing can beat that notorious MINI style.

Surprisingly roomy, the 3-Door Hatch comfortably seats 4 passengers. The front chairs tilt and slide forward with ease to allow access into the back seats, and the impressive headroom and shoulder room will make you feel like you're in anything but a MINI.

The dashboard is definitely unique. The big round display which holds the infotainment system in the middle of the console is a feature specific to MINI. Looking like something from an aircraft, you’ll find the Start/Stop button directly below the centre console, allowing for a comfortable driving experience.

We know what you’re thinking, the 211-litre boot space isn’t particularly big. However, MINI’s creative use of space means that your 4 seater can easily become a 2 seater for maximum storage, once the 2 back seats are down there is then an impressive 731-litres for your luggage.

Although, that will involve booting some of your passengers out I’m afraid.

What engines and trims are available?

The Hatch models have evolved and expanded over the years, and have maintained their place in the ‘premium small-car segment’.There are now a variety of models across the 3-Door Hatchback range which include the likes of the One 3-Door, Cooper 3-Door, Cooper S 3-Door and John Cooper Works.

Most of the classic models (MINI One, MINI Cooper) come with a 1.5-litre petrol engine. They also include LED headlights and brake lights, bluetooth connectivity and a 6.5-inch infotainment system with DAB digital radio functionality. As you move up to the Sporty Cooper Models you will find a 2-litre petrol engine, 17-inch alloy wheels and lowered side skirts. The John Cooper Works brings the most wow factor with sport seats trimmed in leather and Dinamica fabric, multi-function sports steering seats and cruise control. 

Across the board, all of the 3-Door Hatch models are quick with good front-wheel drive.

What should I look for?

Luckily for you, there is room to be picky for your next used MINI. Given the wide variety of 3-Door Hatch models, this allows you to look for the car best suited to you and your needs. It might be a good idea to look into the more powerful versions, as this will see you well on longer journeys. With regular servicing and loving maintenance, a 3-Door Hatch will do you well.