The Perfect Finish - MINI Protect X

You car is constantly exposed to threats and pollutants from the environment.

From tree sap to UV rays, detergent to acid rain and regular surface erosion means that your MINI needs extra protection if you want to keep it in show-stopping, pristine condition. Its not just your paintwork that's under threat, accidental spillages can spoil your interior, airborne dirt transferred by you, your family and pets means your interior can be ruined.

MINI Protect X
MINI Interior

Is MINI Protect X Worth it?

MINI Protect X can tackle this problem head on and shield your paintwork from environmental nasties, allowing your MINI the eye-catching glossy finish it deserves. Overtime when washing your car with strong detergents, you are washing away its protective layers. Modern wax polishes simply do not last. The MINI Protect X system uses powerful Nanotechnology to form an ultra-protective coating over your paintwork, filling in constellations and safeguarding against future damage or color fading. A glass guard makes rain beads disperse from you windscreen to help you see more and enjoy a safer drive.

Protect X also guards interior helping your fabrics from carpets to leather resist staining. The stain guard uses hi-tech formula that coats the fabrics fires protecting liquid stains, dirt, grease and oil. Liquid spillages will lie on top of the material, allowing it to be wiped away quickly and easily. The leather guard is an exclusive treatment that protects from liquid and moisturizes the leather to retain the quality.

Your take home car kit contains a selection of cleaning items that will maintain your car's flawless appearance whilst your future resale value is completely protected.

The Benefits of MINI Paint Protection

  • Maintains a high-gloss showroom finish, wash after wash.
  • Guards your paintwork and interior
  • Protects you future resale value for your MINI
  • Enhances safety and visibility in wet conditions
  • Includes a transferable Lifetime Guarantee for paint, leathers and fabric
  • Customer Take home care kit - includes shampoo, wheel cleaner, interior care cloths and glass cleaner. Everything you need to main your BMW.

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