Nissan Lease Purchase

Lease purchase is a flexible finance option similar to Hire purchase, however Lease Purchase allows for an optional deferred sum (‘balloon’) to be paid at the end of the agreement. This deferred sum can reduce your monthly payment or reduce your contract length, depending on your businesses needs. 

How Lease Purchase works:

  1. You pay an initial deposit followed by a fixed number of monthly payments over an agreed period.
  2. A 'balloon' payment will be agreed at the beginning of your contract to either reduce your monthly payments or contract term.

Benefits of Lease Purchase

  • Fixed monthly payments - making budgeting easier
  • Monthly payments are not subject to VAT.
  • 'Final Balloon Payment' option to help keep monthly payments lower
  • You own the vehicle at the end of the agreement, so no mileage restrictions
  • Taxation benefit from writing down allowance
  • LCV's acquired on Lease Purchase should be eligible for the Annual Investment Allowance and are required to pay VAT up front as a lump sum.