Used Nissan Navara | Pickup For Sale

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Why By a Nissan Navara?

Looking for a pickup that combines equal measures of style and practicality? The Nissan Navara is what you need. The latest version has been on the roads for a few years now. Packed with premium features geared to take care of safety and comfort you will have a hard time rivalling the Navara.

A common compliment you’ll hear about the Navara is how comfortable it is. This is something you will certainly appreciate if you are driving long distances or spending long days working.

From a practical standpoint this pickup ticks all of the boxes. The towing capacity of the Navara is very impressive at 3500kg and it has a max payload of up to 1100kg depending on the model. This Nissan is actually classed as a light commercial vehicle since it weighs over a tonne.

You will need to choose between king cab or double cab models. The basic king cab does give you a lot of car for your money while if you choose one of the better double cab models you do benefit from an enhanced functionality. If you are a business its also worth picking up as you can claim back the VAT on it.

The Navara can be quite gutsy when measured against alternatives on the market. That said it is pretty competitive if you look side by side against other pickups on fuel economy and emissions. At this point there are no low-emission hybrid or electric versions of this car on the market.

There is an excellent amount of safety kit by default even on the base level of Navara. This includes seven airbags, braking technology that was created to reduce the odds that your trailer could sway when towing. All versions also benefit from automatic emergency braking to help keep you safe from front collisions. It is a pity that you don’t have any blind spot monitoring systems or lane departure systems.

ISOFIX child seat points are also installed in the outer rear seats if you have a double model. It only scored four of the five stars on the Euro NCAP crash test.

Lower spec models of the Navara have been crafted with commercial use in mind. That said they do all benefit from a solid level of equipment by standard. It comes with air conditioning, bluetooth, steering wheel stereo controls, and automatic headlights. If your budget allows you would benefit from going to a higher trim model. This can bring features like alloy wheels, rear electric windows if you choose the double cab variant. It also features dual climate control keyless entry, electrically folding and heated door mirrors, and a rear view camera.

At the top level the Navara has luxurious leather trim, electric driver seat adjustment and a 360-degree camera that can make parking your Navara a breeze.

Reliability is also another reason to build quality on the Navara. It’s been designed to last. It regularly features in the top ten in reliability surveys which is particularly impressive seeing how competitive this category of cars is. Warranty is another area where the Navara wins with a 100,000 miles or five mile guarantee.

The interior of the Navara will be familiar to anyone who has had a Nissan in the past. Materials are pretty plush and the dashboard is incredibly clear and transparent. If your budget allows you to pick up a higher spec model you’ll benefit from a touch screen infotainment screen that is the same as the mainstream models.

Comfort and support is incredible in the Navara. You will have no trouble travelling long distances or working long days. Driving position is incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately, the steering wheel is only adjustable for height. If you are looking for a bit more space you will look at a double cab model. There is also plenty of leg and head room in both models.

Load space in the rear is incredibly generous. The max payload goes up to 1100kg depending on the model. Towing capacity is also quite impressive with the ability to pull 3500kg. It also has several tie down points to ensure you are carrying a secure load.

Ride comfort is also far above average to a pickup. This is at least in part down to the rear suspension that is a little more like what a car has. Though if you intend to drive this in cities more often you might be better off getting something else.

No matter which model you choose you will benefit from a 2.3-litres diesel engine that has strong performance at low revs as you would expect from a pickup that was designed to carry heavy loads.

In terms of transmission there are automatic and manual options. By standard it comes with a six speed manual, alternatively there is a seven speed automatic gearbox.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Nissan Navara?

There are a few issues to keep an eye out for when buying this used Nissan. Common issues include fuel-injection failure, rust on the body, electronics issues, suspension problems, and turbo-charger failures. These issues are not exclusively tied to this pickup, however, any pickup can have problems like this. 

As with buying any used car definitely make sure its in good general condition inside and out, take it out for a test drive, and look at the service history.