Electrified Art

Nissan have launched an innovative “Electrified Art” campaign inspired by five digital artists and their vision of how the New Nissan ARIYA will electrify their respective cities.

The artists were challenged to use their own design style to create a piece that showcased the way that the “New Nissan ARIYA is a ‘ray of hope’ within each of their cities.”

This meant identifying what the New Nissan ARIYA would mean for a cleaner and electrified world in their home cities with free reign to create a piece that fully represented their style and ideas.

Each piece is unique and allows you to see how each artist has interpreted and expressed their ideas for their home city to create a patchwork collage of the future of the UK.

The result is a unique visual, interactive, and entertaining art experience that is accessible across multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop, and VR. This is Nissan’s first step into the MetaVerse, an online 3D immersive experience that allows users to walk around and interact at their own pace.

Experience Electrified Art

Retro Manni - Birmingham

Portal Showdown - Rebelle 5 Pro

Two people are shown to have travelled through an interdimensional portal to bring future technology to the present in the form of the Nissan ARIYA.

ARIYA’s lights and the portal illuminate the dark wasteland in front of the skyline of Birmingham with a classic retro wave sunset. The grid on the ground represents ARIYA’s power to electrify.

Tishk Barzanji - London

Into the Future - Photoshop

The key message from this piece is about electrifying London into the future and beyond with a futuristic cityscape which represents the progress made through technology, electrification, and energy.

The Nissan ARIYA is at the forefront of the design as it pushes through London with streaks of light and glowing colour connecting it to the streets.

​​Janice Leung - Leeds

Driving Through Leeds - Photoshop

The neon trails show the journey of the ARIYA through the streets of Leeds as it goes on an electrified road trip.

The idea was to design a scene that could be explored over time and have many different things to focus on. She wanted it to mirror the feeling that you get when you’re exploring a new, electrified city.

Neil Keating - Liverpool

E-Cosmo-City - Illustrator

The Nissan ARIYA is shown driving through Liverpool with a trail of powerful energy, with inspiration taken from many iconic Japanese illustrations.

The electricity of the ARIYA brings the environment and its characters to life and is bursting with fun colours and energy throughout.

Antidote.psd (Christian Goss) - Manchester

Crystal Kingdom - Blender, Photoshop

This shows the electric force of the Nissan ARIYA in a futuristic Manchester streetscape. It stands out front and centre in the piece as the future of electrified driving begins.

The flashes of red electricity spread through the streets but also represent the tail light reflection that you see when driving at night. The artist’s style is shown through the buildings with a glassy layer with blue hues representing the electricity that pulses through all of our cities and homes.