New Nissan LEAF Nismo Unveiled in Japan

​Nissan Nismo has always been known for creating serious performance cars. These cars are sleek and sexy that pack a huge punch. But now Nissan has branched out and taken their quieter relation the Nissan LEAF under their wing.

Coming – we hope – soon is the Nissan LEAF Nismo. Unveiled this summer in Japan, the new performance vehicle has great upgrades which are sure to get you buzzing for this great electric car.

The Nissan LEAF Nismo will be equipped with an electric motor at the front axle generating 147 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. For the Nismo transformation, the engineers have been tweaked the powertrain software to deliver more responsive acceleration. Not only that, they have tweaked the vehicles electronic power steering and suspension and added improved tyres to improve handling on the road.

All that power and handling but what about the battery? Well with this being a Nismo, Nissan has enhanced it from 40-kilowatt-hour to 60-kilowatt-hour capacity and a range from 150 miles to over 200 miles. Wow! That really is a supercharged electric vehicle.

The shape and design will follow the usual Nismo aesthetic. The car will have a sportier front fascia and rear diffuser, giving that strong and powerful appearance. The sharp lines are still present but a revised fierceness that only the Nismo can provide. The iconic white exterior has been modified with black central trim, red accents on the lower body and side mirrors. All of which could fool you into thinking that there was a strong traditional fuel engine under the hood.

The interior of the Nissan LEAF Nismo reflected the beautifully designed outer. With black premium cloth and red stitching to give you that performance feeling throughout. Comfort and technology will be combined inside of the Nissan LEAF Nismo, engaging drivers with a full-colour infotainment centre and a digital control display.