Everything You Need To Know About The Nissan Multi Check ​

At Nissan we ensure that a service is completed with complete care and attention. A Nissan Multi-Point Inspection is a visual check on all the important safety and performance components of your vehicle. That includes your battery performance, fluid levels, lights, cooling systems, brakes and tires, suspension, shock absorber's, and engine oils and fluids.

Visual multi-point inspections are important for two reasons. First, a multi-point inspection ensures your vehicle is operating properly. If a problem is caught early enough, it can be fixed right away! This way, we can make sure a small issue doesn’t turn into a larger mechanical problem down the road.

Second, a multi-point inspection gives you peace of mind. Driving in winter conditions can be especially nerve-wracking. Knowing your vehicle has been checked and is running at its optimal level means you can tackle difficult road conditions with confidence. You won’t have to worry if your car is up to the task, you’ll know it’s ready to get the job done.

Multi-Point Inspections at Specialist Cars Nissan, Aberdeen.

At Specialist Cars Nissan, your safety comes first. That’s why we thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s major systems to make sure it’s running the way it’s supposed to. Once completed, we will explain any issues we have in detail and advise you on your next steps. Having your Nissan inspected regularly means you always know what your car needs. There are no surprises, just strategic services and cost-saving habits!

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