Why Buy A New Nissan LEAF?

An electric car isn’t something only the Jetsons would drive, it’s here and it’s ready to take your driving experience to the next level.  Connect with this blog post and find yourself charging towards the future!

First released in 2010 the Nissan LEAF has come a long way from its initial beginnings.  Even though by 2018 we thought our mode of transport would be hovercraft's, the Nissan LEAF will make you feel like you’re floating on air. With a design characterised by a sharp V-shape to give a sleek and dynamic feel, combined with a generously-sized cabin the LEAF can rival any traditional fuelled hatchback.  The LEAF’s outer shape with up slanting light-emitting LED headlights to guide your drive at night brightening even the darkest country road. Inside the attention to detail with a mix of cloth and leather finishing showcase Nissan's modern and minimalist style brilliantly.

Nissan Leaf Review at Specialist Cars Nissan
Nissan LEAF named 'World Car of the Year' finalist
Nissan Leaf Review at Specialist Cars Nissan
150-mile range on only one charge
Nissan Leaf Review at Specialist Cars Nissan
Re-charge in only 7.5 hours at home
Nissan Leaf Review at Specialist Cars Nissan
A dynamic new exterior design

OK, so it looks great but how does it drive? Well, firstly it’s all from one battery and one charge. A full charge to the battery can last up to 250km or 155 miles. However, the range can fluctuate as the LEAF has a very useful regenerative braking system in place, this means that the braking helps charge up the battery whilst driving. Those steep country roads could soon become your new best friend. Making it perfect for commuting to work, getting around the city and those weekend road trips. In under 8 hours you can take the charge from empty to full, only slightly longer than what you need to charge your smartphone. Although that might sound like a longer time than the quick fill up you’re used to, there are fast chargers at petrol stations boosting your charge in under 10 minutes.

Driving the LEAF isn’t that different to driving an automatic car but without all that noise from the petrol or diesel engine. It’s exceptionally quiet inside allowing you to listen to your favourite songs and radio stations without disruptions. The drive itself is smooth and comfortable, hugging the road with every turn whilst nipping around town with ease.

If the electric engine isn’t enough, the technology within the LEAF means that driving is easier than ever before. Propilot Nissan Technology can maintain your speed on those long motorway journeys whilst also keeping you in the lane and steering for you. Problems with parking? I think we can all put our hands up to that sometimes, the LEAF takes the worry out of the perfect parallel park. Nissan Propilot Park means that there is no steering, no pedals, no more neck twisting! All these features in one car, it’s no wonder that there have been over 300,000 LEAFs sold this year alone.

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