Nissan ARIYA on the road with a five star Green NCAP stamp in the right hand corner

Nissan ARIYA Achieves 5 Star Rating by Green NCAP

The Nissan ARIYA has achieve the maximum 5 star rating form Green NCAP and confidently reaches a Weighted Overall Index of 9.6. Green NCAP is an independent initiative aimed at highlighting the work of specific carmakers and models that go above and beyond minimum sustainability requirements.

The rigorous testing analyses all aspects of a car’s sustainability and contains three separate sections: Clean Air tests, Energy Efficiency tests, and Greenhouse Gases tests, all scores are then used to calculate a model’s overall score.

With no tailpipe the ARIYA scored 10/10 in the Clean Air tests, followed by a 9.3 score in the Energy Efficiency tests and 9.5 in the Greenhouse Gases tests. The standard On-Road Drive was performed in cold weather at -1°C and Ariya's consumption was about 24 kWh/62 miles. The usable battery capacity measured by Green NCAP is 89.6 kWh, which is more than the officially declared value. When charging with 11 kW, the overall efficiency is 91.6% of energy drawn from the electricity grid. This represents “the highest value measured by Green NCAP so far” per a quote in Green NCAP's report.

Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO said “At Nissan, we are deeply committed to our sustainability and electrification goals as outlined in Ambition 2030. It is wonderful that Green NCAP has recognised the Ariya as being at the forefront of this eco-revolution. We are so proud of everyone across the team who has worked tirelessly to accomplish this achievement.”