Nissan LEAF FAQs

Specialist Cars Nissan are here to answer your questions on the Nissan LEAF

Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions about the Nissan LEAF so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you have any further questions then a member of our team will be more than happy to help you. Give us a call today on 01224402990


How much does it cost to run an electric car?

An electric car can be up to 40% less expensive to maintain when you compare it against an equivalent internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. You also have great benefits that you can take advantage of if you make the move to an electric car such as Government Grants.

The Government will put £2,500 towards any LEAF model under £35,000.


Where are electric car charging stations located?

There are more than 28,000 charging points for electric cars across the UK with 2,000 of these spots being rapid chargers. To check your nearest charging point just check out the charging map on websites such as Zap Map. We have included a map of the charging points in the Aberdeen area for your reference.


Aberdeen EV Charging Points

This Prime Location between Aberdeen and Dundee now has 4 rapid chargers which allow 80% charging within 30 minutes, 3 fast chargers, charging your EV within two to three hours and 2 slow chargers that will fully charge your car in 7 hours.

Located less than 2 minutes from the Forfar/Glamis Junction of the A90 Dual Carriageway.​

Specialist Cars Nissan Charging Points
Electric Charging Points Nissan
Specialist Cars Nissan Charging Points

How far can the Nissan LEAF go on a full charge?

A number of factors can affect how far you can go with your LEAF. Your range depends on the weather, the numbers of passengers you have in the car, the speed you drive at and how much you are carrying in your boot. Check your range with the Nissan Range Calculator.

If you are looking for a model for city driving then the Nissan LEAF can reach up to 168 miles which is ideal for the everyday commute and trips around town.

If you are looking to go the distance then the Nissan LEAF E+ can reach up to 239 miles meaning you are ready for the open road and can commute without compromise.

Extend your Range

Extend your range with Nissans two driving modes: ECO Mode and B Mode. To get the most out of your mileage use these both at the same time.