Nissan Reveals All-Electric Nissan Hyper Urban Concept Ahead of Japan Mobility Show​

Nissan Hyper Urban concept car in yellow
"Nissan Hyper Urban" concept car in yellow on the left and the Nissan character for the car on the right
Nissan Hyper Urban concept car in yellow with the scissor doors open to show the interior

Ahead of the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo later this month, Nissan Motor Co. has digitally revealed the first in a series of new and exciting all-electric concept vehicles: the Nissan Hyper Urban.

Each concept model is represented by a symbolic character and has custom-tailored features that add value to unique lifestyles and diverse aspirations with the aim that the concepts will help customers to make a positive impact on the planet without compromising on style or fun.

Nissan’s vision for the Japan Mobility Show embodies their unwavering dedication to enriching people’s lives and to revolutionising the electric-vehicle landscape with transformative products and technologies.

The Nissan Hyper Urban is characterised by a sleek and modern aesthetic and perfectly complements the sophisticated tastes of its target audience, urban and suburban based professionals who prioritise environmental sustainability.

It would be “fully interwoven into the EV ecosystem” with an impressive V2H (vehicle to home) function able to provide power to the home which would help to significantly reduce energy costs and strain on the power grid. Owners would even be able to contribute surplus power to the grid thanks to V2G (vehicle to grid) functionality to support their local community and earn money in the process.

The vehicle’s lifespan would also have a sustainable focus which makes it ideal for those conscious and the long-term value of their belongings and their impact. Hardware updates and regular software updates provide a fresh ownership experience over many years. For example, the interior can be refreshed with a new instrument panel that reflects the latest technologies and trends in graphic user interfaces.

The exterior is designed to represent the future design and technological capabilities of Nissan’s electric offerings. Front and rear scissor doors give a sense of openness and character whilst a sport silhouette produces aerodynamic excellence for increased efficiency and wide tyres complete the sporty look with rugged dynamics and urban aesthetics.

Inside, the interior is designed to blend in with urban living spaces and is inspired by kaleidoscopic triangles. The instrument panel and the display can be fully customised according to your mood and the front seats can collapse and fold into the back seats. This creates an open cabin space ideal for relaxing in that feels like a private room.

The next concept car will be announced on October 10th and the final two will be announced on October 17th and October 19th!