New Nissan Juke in Yellow on Urban Background

The Nissan Juke: Style and Innovation as the Future

In 2023, the Nissan Juke, a key player in the urban crossover class, underwent a significant mid-lifecycle enhancement. This update introduces a fresher, more vibrant look, greatly improved interior features, and the new dynamic N-Sport grade, showcasing Nissan's commitment to innovation and style.

The return of the iconic yellow exterior colour, a fan favorite from the original Juke, marks a highlight of the update. This modern, paler shade brings a fresh and impactful look to the Juke's distinctive design. The new N-Sport grade adds to this visual appeal with a black contrasting roof, wheels, and trim elements that perfectly match the unique striking yellow.

Interior Revolution

The Juke's interior has been revolutionized, offering a more refined ambience. The redesigned console and instrument panel enhance ergonomics and comfort, featuring new materials, a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen angled towards the driver, and an all-digital combimeter. These changes improve the overall appearance and functionality with advanced technology and connectivity.

For the modern driver, updates include a larger touchscreen for improved voice recognition and natural language understanding, wireless Android Auto, and wireless Apple CarPlay. Additional features like speed camera information and the ability to play video content via USB add to the Juke's tech-savvy attraction.

N-Sport Grade: Perfect Fusion of Style and Performance

The N-Sport grade, focusing on the vehicle's dynamic qualities, is a new addition. It features yellow recycled Alcantara® inlays with distinctive stitching inside, contrasting with black to make a sporty statement. The exterior's yellow highlights and black contrasting elements enhance the car's eye-catching presence.

Comfort and Convenience Updates

The 2023 update includes new features like wireless charging, additional USB ports, and an enlarged glove box. Coupled with new seating materials and designs, these improvements enhance comfort and practicality for every journey.

Driver Assistance and Safety Features

The new Juke comes packed with advanced driving assistance technologies, such as Intelligent Driver Alertness and Lane Keep Assist, designed to make driving more confident, safer, and secure.

Continuing its Legacy

Produced at the Nissan Sunderland Plant, the new Juke retains the confidence and boldness that have made it a favourite among drivers. Its beautiful design, significantly enhanced materials, and innovative technology ensure the Juke continues to lead in the city crossover segment.

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