Nissan Genuine Tyres

Specially created for each Nissan model, and manufactured using the latest materials and testing criteria, Nissan Genuine tyres ensure both wheel rim and tyre are coordinated to meet all Nissan requirements.

Good tyres give you better road-holding and more effective braking, especially when its cold or wet. You could get a fine of 32,500 and 3 penalty points for EACH illegal tyre.

At Nissan we check your tyres for pressure, tread depth and wear of the pattern. If they need replacing, we have a range of different options in stock, depending on your car and needs.

You should also check for any damage or unusual wear such as bulges and cuts, as well as checking your tread depth. If your tyres need replacing, simply order new ones online with our simple tyre service.

Get a fully fitted and competitive replacement tyre quotation at our online tyre store COMING SOON.