Introducing the SKODA Scala

Following much anticipation, SKODA have released the name of the new, upcoming model; the SKODA Scala.

Derived from the Latin word 'Scala' meaning 'stairs', this new compact hatchback SKODA model is the first production model in Europe to carry the SKODA name across the centre of the tailgate and replace the SKODA logo.

Bernhard Maier, chairman of the board of ŠKODA AUTO, emphasises: "With the new ŠKODA SCALA we are proposing a new chapter in the compact class of ŠKODA. It is a completely new development that sets standards in terms of technology, safety and design in this class. Thus we are confident that SCALA has the best chance to redefine the A-segment for ŠKODA."

With more information set to be released on the SKODA Scala, we are eager to learn more about this exciting new SKODA car. For more information, contact Specialist Cars SKODA and Thomson & Potter SKODA today.