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The highly anticipated new VW ID 3 is the first of the Volkswagen brands new range of purpose-designed all-electric cars to be available to order. The design of the VW ID 3 is futuristic, with an influential presence, distinctive design idiom and intelligent innovations combining to represent the future of fully electric mobility. While the Beetle once mobilized the masses, and the Golf as the class leader featured great innovations in each generation, the ID. family will make e-mobility accessible to a broad spectrum of customers.

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The exterior of the VW ID 3 is exhibits obvious performance capabilities with fresh gloss-machined 18-inch alloy wheels which promise an entirely new driving experience. The high-performance electric motors stored beneath its attractive shell keeps this promise – providing constant, dynamic acceleration and driving performance that will take your breath away. After a test in the new VW ID 3, AUTOCAR in a recent review claim this new VW electric car is “interesting for many reasons” which include “its all-round compactness, its rear-engined-ness, its clever packaging, its urban manoeuvrability, its zappy yet quiet performance, its cutting-edge instrumentation technology” and the characteristic bold VW styling. The new VW ID 3 simply offers customers a more heavenly way to experience dynamic driving qualities, sustainability and connectivity on urban streets.

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The Volkswagen ID.3 will be available with 3 battery options: standard range, mid-range and long range. The entry-level VW ID 3 model will be able to travel for 205 miles before needing to be plugged in, while the biggest battery pack is capable of driving for up to 341 miles. Volkswagen have designed the batteries to be able to accommodate a charging capacity of up to 125 kW, ensuring fast charging and shorter charging stops, making it as easy as charging your phone. AUTOCAR claim that this VW electric car is “is quiet, brisk, responsive and particularly easy to drive around town”. Not only that but they state that the “outputs produced by the electric drive motor feel like plenty to get the car up and away from low speeds quickly” and it’s “urban performance superiority” allows you to relax and enjoy the seamless journey.

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The Volkswagen ID 3’s full specification is yet to be revealed, yet this new VW ID 3 has attracted an incredible about of interest, with over 15,000 orders already in place. Nevertheless, a handful of features available on the VW ID 3 1st have been exposed, making us curious of what else is in store. All launch edition variants will have voice recognition technology and built-in navigation as standard, upgrade to the VW ID 3 1ST Plus variant and this will add specification like LED Matrix headlights. While the enhanced new reality head-up display is reserved for the range-topping VW ID 3 1ST Max models.

Full specification details about the ID 3. are expected to be released in September, but until then, we wait in anticipation for the arrival of this revolutionary new VW fully electric vehicle.