The Volkswagen e-Golf

New Volkswagen e-Golf

Say hello to the zero-emissions and economical driving with the VW e-Golf . With all the design and performance features that we already love about the Golf, but with the added benefit of a 100% electric motor.

Priced to compete with the likes of the BMW i3 and the Nissan LEAF, the latest version of the VW e-Golf is designed to be practical yet stylish and a genuine contender when it is compared to fossil fuel versions of the car. After all, the Golf has a great heritage that stretches back decades. However, sales of the first versions of the e-Golf perhaps reflected its lack of range. The new e-Golf, however, offers owners a more practical 144 miles under test conditions. What's more the 45-minute charge time from a 40kW outlet from empty to full is likely to go down well among people who are perhaps buying their first all-electric vehicle.

Offering an impressively quiet drive and a driving range of up to 144 miles (WLTP) on one charge, which is all the way from London to Brighton and back, its easy to see why people are choosing the new Volkswagen e-Golf. Retaining the classic styling of its iconic predecessors, the VW e-Golf offers its own electric twist to the Volkswagen family. Costing only 4p per mile versus its 14p petrol equivalent, you will not only lower your own costs but also lower your emissions. Charge your battery from 0-80% in only 45 minutes with a rapid charger makes the golf electric car the perfect option for those who are always on the go!


The electric engine of the e-Golf provides either 134 bhp or 100 kW of power depending on the system you are familiar with. The 35.8 kWh battery pack that VW has put into the car offers 290 Nm of torque resulting in a 9.6-second time when it is tested from 0 to 62 mph. As such, it might not be the quickest car on the block with a top speed of 93 mph. However, this is likely to be more than enough for most drivers especially given the nippy handling the car offers.

A Stunning Design

One of the key factors in the e-Golf's exterior design is that it is supposed to look like a modern Golf. In this sense, VW's design team have been successful because all of the heritage behind the car's brand comes to the fore. One thing that marks it out, however, is the introduction of 16-inch ‘Tileve’ alloy wheels. These have been specifically designed to offer extra aerodynamic streamlining. There are some low-energy consuming headlights, too, that some will spot as a differential between the e-Golf and its predecessors.

Volkswagen says that the inside of the e-Golf is 'surprisingly' spacious. That may be the case for some but few people who have ever sat in a Golf before will think there is any more room on offer in the all-electric version. Nevertheless, the instrument panel is clear without being fussy. There is some stylish stitching around the steering wheel and a 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system equipped with a 64GB hard drive. Other than that, there isn't much to write home about unless you are excited about the car's DAB tuner or Bluetooth connectivity, both fairly standard features for cars in this price bracket.

Exterior Overview

As with all Golf models, comfort, space and design are key and the VW e-Golf retains all these benefits with its own little twists., such as the LED headlights, C-shaped running lights and signature 'electric' blue flash on the front grille. The VW eGolf's 16" 'Tileve' alloy wheels have been specially design to be aerodynamic with a reduced drag to save energy. Its all the little details that make the difference.

Step Inside

Slide into the surprisingly spacious interior and take in the wealth of innovative driver technology surrounding you. A full suite of Volkswagen Driver Assistance features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, Blind Spot Sensor, Traffic Jam Assist, Emergency and Park Assist. And to ensure you remain connected, your Android or Apple apps are available on your dashboard thanks to the e-Golf's Car Net Mirrorlink system. Once on the road, you can enjoy the instant acceleration provided by the electric motor and select from 3 driving modes - electric, ECO and ECO+. Electric is useful for when you need to keep toasty or cool with the heating or air con in full use. It does mean you may have to compromise a little on the range available to you, but the main thing is you are comfortable in terms of temperature. ECO is when you do not need the air con or heating on full and for those days when the weather is just perfect outside, you can use ECO+ meaning you can maximise your range. Either way you can definitely relax as there are plenty of electric charging points across Scotland if you need them.

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A Practical Hatchback

The faster charging time and increased range of the latest e-Golf will undoubtedly get more potential new owners looking at the model. However, if you are going to charge yours from a three-pin socket, then it is worth noting that a full charge up will take 16 hours. Unlike other Golfs, this one doesn't benefit from a double-floored boot. This should not put you off, though, because the e-Golf still boasts 341-litres of room for storage in the back. That puts it on a par with a Ford Focus hatchback so it'll be roomy enough for most.