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Volkswagen ID.7


Available in Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy

Volkswagen is redefining the performance of electric mobility with the new all-electric ID.7. The all electric saloon combines high range values, fast charging, ample space, and intuitive operation in this new premium standard in electric cars from Volkswagen.

It moves to take on competitors such as the Tesla Model 3, BMW i4, Hyundai IONIQ 6, and the Porsche Taycan but with foundation of the Volkswagen ID family to set it apart.

Volkswagen ID.7 Exterior

The new Volkswagen ID.7 is defined by its aerodynamically shaped front and its sloping roofline, conjuring images of fastback car styling.

There are air intakes located in the front of the car which purposefully guide the air to flow down the sides of the vehicle to the rear which forms an air curtain and calms the air flow at the sides of the vehicle and helps to make the ID.7 the most aerodynamic model in the ID cars range so far with a drag coefficient of 0.23Cd.

19 inch alloy wheels are standard on the front and rear wheels, ideal for a larger car and incredibly stylish, alongside LED headlamps and LED rear combination lamps for excellent visibility at all times.

Alternatively, opt for the innovative IQ.LIGHT system which enables matrix technology on the road with an elegant light strip that extends between the headlights. It will also include the 3D LED tail light clusters which provide animated brake light and integrated dynamic turn signal and is already available on other VW models.

Volkswagen ID.7 Interior

The interior space is designed to convey the lounge atmosphere of a luxury-class fastback with ample space for up to five passengers. There's also an additional aspect of sustainability with a wealth of recycled materials being used in the interior materials around the cabin.

Passengers in the front seats can enjoy comfort seats in Artvelours microfleece, massage seats, power adjustment, power-adjustable lumbar support, and heated functionality for perfect comfort on every drive. Three zone climate control with a rear air conditioning control panel rounds out the comfort options.

In car entertainment and function control comes from the 15 inch navigation infotainment display in the centre console and supports voice commands to stop you from getting distracted by manual controls whilst on the road.

The driver also has a digital dashboard display and an AR head up display in their eyeline to display crucial information. The display projects the information straight onto the windscreen, without being blocked by the steering wheel, and you can opt if you want to view lane changes or navigation signals.

There's also no shortage of luggage space with 532 litres available with all five seats in use, leaving plenty of leg room, which opens up to 1586 litres with all of the rear seats folded down. The Volkswagen ID.7 allows you to perfectly combine a full car of passengers with all of the items that comes along with them.

Volkswagen ID.7 Performance

With the 77kWh battery capacity, you can expect the range on a full charge to sit around the 384 mile mark in ideal driving conditions, almost 50 more miles than the ID.5 is capable of. The 0-62mph time comes in at just 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 180km/h or 111mph.

A 100% charge on an 11KW AC charging point, which is what you'd likely have at home, will take roughly 8 hours whilst the highest DC rapid charging point capability you can use is 175kW. This will give you a charge from 10%-80% in only 28 minutes, making it even easier to stay mobile on long journeys.

"Fuel" consumption, or rather battery consumption, comes in at 14.1kWh/62 mi which makes it the most efficient of all VW EVs currently available. With one pedal driving available thanks to regenerative braking, it's also very accessible to drive as you can rely on using the brake pedal much less.

Altogether this gives you 286PS of power and instant torque thanks to the electric motor. The Volkswagen ID.7 delivers a top performance as well as style.

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