A closer look at Volvo V60 technology

The reasons to covet the new Volvo V60 only continue to mount up, however our latest favourite feature is most definitely the integrated Sensus Navigation.

This innovative technology gives you to the power to discover new experiences and exciting places to visit with your Volvo V60. The experience begins on a built-in touch-screen, cleverly fitted in portrait format to allow you to see more of whats ahead.

There is also a range of local aps that help you get the most out of Sensus Navigation. Discover apps for checking the weather, notifying family of your location, finding a parking space and finding the closest places to eat and stay. Whatsmore, the on-board Google search option places an unlimited array of possibilities at your fingertips.

Volvo V60 Sensus Technology

Sensus Navigation even works closely with the design of your Volvo car to tailor your driving style. By using map data, your adaptive cruise control function can adjust the response of your engine and gearbox, giving you improved efficiency in Eco Mode. Pretty clever.

With Sensus and the Volvo V60, you are always one step ahead. Contact Volvo Cars Edinburgh and Dundee to learn more about Volvo technology.