Used Volvo V90

This executive estate brings together everything you would want in a new car. Spacious, luxurious, safety-first Volvo.

It brings a high level of equipment, particularly for the cost. Serious value for money when held against similar models in its class like the Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series. Also, as many Volvo’s do, this car holds its value very well. This does mean that picking up this used Volvo will be quite pricey but it does come with the knowledge that when it comes time to sell you will be able to retain most of your money. All together this makes the V90 one of the best vehicles in its class.

Brand new the Volvo V90 costs around £41,000 to £56,000 depending on the version you choose. But second hand you can pick one of these stunning cars for around £20,000 to £35,000. A great saving on buying one of these new.

The interior of the V90 is sleek, practical, and comfortable. Seats in this Volvo are comfortable and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Legroom and headroom is also not a problem for those in the cabin or back. Driving long distances will never be a chore in this luxury estate. The cabin is quiet at speed too your driving will relaxing and enjoyable. 

The dashboard has been designed for maximum practicality with everything laid out in an intuitive way not to distract from the road. The quality of the interior is also top-notch in the cabin. Not much in the way of scratchy plastics in the cabin either. It truly is a high-quality interior worthy of the Volvo name. C

As with all Volvo’s safety is a very appealing element of the V90. It scored very highly in the Euro NCAP crash test receiving 95% for adults, 80% for children, 76% for pedestrians, and an impressive 93% for safety assist.

This score was achieved through a wide array of safety features such as AEB, tech that stops the car from veering off-road and out of lane, blind-spot monitoring, a system that pre-tightens seatbelts if a collision is imminent and a broad array of other features.  

It even finishes above premium brands such as BMW and Audi in reliability surveys.